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Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church of Windsor
Our Service Times

Church School – 9:30am
Morning Worship – 11:00am

Bible Study – 11:00am
Prayer Service – 6:00pm
Bible Study – 7:00pm
Welcome to Mount Olive

A Place of Liberation and A People of Transformation
  Greetings in the name of our Father, Jesus the Christ

“O taste and see that the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting and His Truth endures forever. Awakening to Truth (God is the Truth)

There is only one True Truth. Even God's Word to us declares that God is Light and in Him is no darkness (deception or lies). When a person has the Truth opened up to them; than they can say the Truth has been revealed. True revelation can only come through those who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Truth will not only reveal new aspects about God but He will also open up new insights, wisdom, and revelations about life, self, and others around you and the way you perceive. Things will change because the touch of the Creator changes all who choose Him. This will happen because you are being transformed into His likeness.

Truth has a Name, His Name is Jesus!

We invite you to join us as we continue to journey through the future with the joy of knowing that we serve a True and Living God.
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